What Is E-Commerce? Easy Guides About E-Commerce In 2022

What Is E-Commerce? Easy Guides About E-Commerce In 2022

What Is E-Commerce? How We Start It

We are going to see how to create an e-commerce website using google sites so before getting into the article.

What Is E-Commerce? How We Start It[Tech Guides-2022]

Here we go with our google sites so firstly uh we'll just have a brief overview of how to work with google sites. 

Firstly you can see that you can create a new site by just clicking on this blank or else you can just choose from the templates.

You can just click on the template gallery to see all the templates which are over here and you can just choose from the categories like event help center project team and like you do have many templates.

Here you can just choose one among them based on your website so now we are as we are doing for e-commerce so I just want to do it from the scratch.

So I want to use a blank site so just click on the plus symbol here and it will be creating a blank site for you something like this so this is all the basic google site looks like so firstly.

Let's name our site so let it be some shop like you know it's as it is an e-commerce website we just need to give some name to it.

So let's say my uh store like online store name is vs so it is having a name to PBS uh vs dot co or store we can say vs store and then here the same thing will be applicable to this here too.

And then you can give your page title and in the page title, you can just give some welcome message for your visitors. 

So it can be as a welcome to vs store and then you can give some tagline like if it is a fashion store or else.

If it is having some accessories and all uh you can just say that oh you can just say like a one-stop destination for all your fashion goals.

Virtual Tips To Learn About The E-Commerce In 2022:

So this can be my tagline so this is just a sample tagline and then and then now let's see this let's just scroll down and then let's see. 

So we have just given our title and our tagline and then enough you can even just change the background of this.

Virtual Tips To Learn About The E-Commerce In 2022:

Just by going here you can just click on the changing image and you can upload or select an image to just change this background. 

So let me select the image so if you as you have your own site you can just give your own images for now for the sample. 

I want to select images from the google so let me search for you can even just give it from google drive your albums.

Or else you can just come back and let me search for it let's see passion accessories and I want to give this click on select and it is adjusting and here you go so here how it looks like and then you can give your own image.

And then now the next thing is the thing that is to be noted is uh there is no feature on google sites for this e-commerce websites.

So we need to take the help of the third-party websites, uh to make this possible so and that too with some restriction. 

If you want it for free so firstly I'll be just telling you about the two websites we can use for e-commerce websites.

Using these google sites so the first one will be ecwid so here this is the this is a website where you can start selling for free and I'm also gonna tell you about this Shopify as many of you have listened about this.

So this is a website which will be helping you for this uh selling of your goods like selling off your things. 

You can just set up your own e-commerce website for this let me just show you firstly with the ecwid. 

So click on get started for free start by giving your name email address password and you can just set up your store.


Let me just quickly do it and then here you just need to give your store name so let's say I have chosen this. 

So let me just choose it the same and then your country and your currency click on next and you need to choose your city. 

So let's say Mumbai is your city just choose it and your street and you can give your pin code and it is asking you uh that do you have already experience selling online. 

So if you are just getting started just click on this and what type of products you will be selling uh let's say. 

We have assumed us to be accessories we'll be selling accessories and then are you setting up a store for someone else.

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