What Is Digital Marketing Business ?How We Can Start It? [ 2022 ]

What Is Digital Marketing Business ?How We Can Start It? [ 2022 ]

How To Start Digital Marketing Business? Step By Step Guide:

We're going to be discussing what a digital marketing strategist is what they do and why i love my profession so damn much i have been trying to perfect my explanation of what it is?

How To Start Digital Marketing Business? Step By Step Guide:

That i do to my parents for probably the last 10 years and i think i finally have it down pat so if you potentially are interested in becoming a digital marketing strategist or learning more about the profession.

Then this is the article for you what does the term digital marketing strategist mean well particularly post covert with more and more things moving onto the online space and into an online ecosystem.

There needs to be a person in organizations who can really make sense of not only the individual platforms but the relationships between those platforms. 

So for example a digital marketing strategist would be looking at a company's website.

So both the structuring of the website the kinds of content that it houses as well as its performance they would be looking at social media marketing. 

Content marketing how the brand's presenting online and then finally things like paid media.

So whether that be google display network or google search that is really crucial in terms of understanding. 

If someone's searching for your product or service what is going to show up are you really going to be putting your best foot forward are you leveraging.

What you have in your favor and are you trying to actively minimize month on month ways in which you are maybe not excelling as a brand or company. 

So that's what's kept me busy for the last 10 years mom and dad is really working with agencies in order to unsell services to clients which are going to help them to do digital better.

Which you guys know is the tagline for this channel in addition to that there would be in-house resources on the brand side. 

So for example i've worked two different companies as the digital marketing manager and they have a similar set of responsibilities as a digital marketing strategist. 

Again they're really looking to leverage the different ecosystem components to the best of their abilities.

So that they best serve the business objectives the marketing objectives and therefore tick the boxes when it comes to the digital marketing objectives.

So when you hear terms like growth hacking typically it's quite a similar thing it's all about looking at what are we trying to achieve here and what are the most suitable digital marketing platforms.

Of course with any role it will depend greatly on the company that you are working for in terms of what your day-to-day responsibilities would be in my experience. 

When i was working for a smaller digital marketing agency as a digital marketing strategist.

And later the head of strategy a big portion of my role was actually new business development because strategy is typically one of the first steps in a process particularly on an agency workflow side it'll come into strategy.

Realistic Way To Learn About The Digital Marketing Businesss:

First so we would be the first point of contact particularly with a new customer to understand what is their business requirement. 

So what are some of the things that they're hoping to achieve where are their weaknesses are there maybe competitors coming into the market with a more compelling digital offering and they would be looking to enlist that digital marketing agency.

Realistic Way To Learn About The Digital Marketing Businesss:

So in that instance it was really about meeting with the client understanding what it is that they were trying to achieve and where they really felt that they were falling short so in a nutshell it's a how can i help you conversation.

It's being a fantastic listener and being able to distill probably quite a few different challenges or problems from a company standpoint and really isolate them around particular objectives. 

What you then do is match those two key performance indicators or key performance areas as they sometimes called and actually hold yourselves.

Accountable as an agency and say based off of the information that you've told us and based off of the objectives. 

You're trying to achieve this is an action plan in order for that action plan to really hold any weight it needs to look at what success may look like to that business.

So that at the end of your contracted agreement you would be able to turn around to your client and say.

We have just shut the lights out and this is why the thing with digital marketing is that there is nothing subjective about it.

So it's actually quite beautiful in the sense that although it is a new and developing and burdening industry there is a lot of literature that's recently come about from all the big institutions.

So you'll notice that you can get certified by google you can do the meta blueprint courses and there's a lot of information around best practice.

So most of the time you're able to just reference statistics around how many people actually use that particular platform in the country that you are operating from and there's a whole bunch of different resources.

That you can consult for this so most of the time people are referencing the hootsuite digital report which comes out annually and that really forms the bedrock of most digital strategies within that.


Because you have access now to this particular company's website or social media platforms you'll then be able to dig deeper into each of those analytic sets. 

So it's really about consulting all your different sources most of which as i say are pretty objective and then adding a little sprinkle. 

Of fairy dust so this is the part where your creativity really comes to play you can look at the data as much as you like. 

I like to call it analysis paralysis but at the end of the day you really need to draw conclusions in terms.

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