How To Start Earning Through Modern SEO [ 2022 ]

How To Start Earning Through Modern SEO [ 2022 ]

What Is SEO? How We Strat Earning Through It Complete Guide 2022:

It doesn't even matter what the languages are because google likes this website and they see your website and they see that you're you're endorsed.

What Is SEO?How We Strat Earning Through It Complete Guide 2022:

They're endorsing them essentially uh that being said um you know it wouldn't make sense for a lithuanian website to get like only a bunch of english links all the time.

Right you would you would generally think that this lithuanian website written in lithuanian language is going to get links from lithuanian stuff so the thing you want to be careful with is not creating a very unnatural picture.

Where you're getting like only all these english links right but i also will say that a foreign website getting a bunch of english links seems to work better than an english website getting a bunch of foreign links.

Would you have any disagrees with it no that sounds about right on average if i think about it  so basically you know the google job is hard. 

All this stuff with processing language and and figuring out what it all means and stuff that's like a robot.

Like this is not you know we we do it naturally just by talking and stuff but this is actually like very difficult complex stuff. 

When you try to boil it all down into these simple pieces and so google's algorithm is first and foremost fine-tuned for english.

So you know as far as doing something very unnatural they're they're much they can see that much easier and uh can give like penalties and stuff or whatever much easier on the english stuff and the foreign stuff that the algorithm isn't as advanced.

Yet basically they have a harder time with other languages and so basically you can get away with more stuff that maybe. 

You wouldn't be able to get away with on english speaking sites but yeah you know my advice would just be you know english links are fine.

But you're definitely going to want to get some lithuanian stuff as well yeah just that's natural even if it's hard to get lithuanian stuff. 

Okay so let's tie into  you can take english um language stuff and put it in through translate and then doctor it up again is if you speak lithuanian  and get it to work just fine in my experience.

So knowing that you know if it's hard to get lithuanian guest posts well the cool thing about web 2.0 or links like that is they you know can be done in whatever language you want  and hypothetical pbn network.

Yeah pbn network that's another great way to do it um you know it from a quote natural standpoint it's fine for a foreign language site to  get  posts in english. 

Vice versa because a website can get  international notoriety for any number of reasons or maybe somebody's cousin lives somewhere and just wants to write an article about you know their cousin in Lithuania.

Who's a dentist but the point being that you know this stuff can happen naturally and so it's fine but yes like chris said best practice is to try and get majority of your links in the language that you're trying to rank for.

Step By Step Guide To Learn About How To Earn Through SEO?

However if you're trying to inject a little bit more power or authority on the back end then sometimes this might be your only option. 

Especially if you know the blogs that you've got access to are sparse in any particular language or geographic region.

Step By Step Guide To Learn About How To Earn Through SEO?

So  also why is it harder to get lithuanian guest posts i mean maybe because you're saying you can't you can't get they're probably trying to buy them right like vendors.

Okay so yeah if you're trying to buy them then yeah of course less options but you know the the fix to that is do the outreach yourself. 

You know it's it's there's a bunch of different ways to go about this but in essence you're literally emailing websites.

And having a conversation with them and uh trying to figure out you know a way to secure a link on their website you know that's how agencies like a deal that's how agencies like us work.

You know it's it's not like there's no like magic science or anything we're literally reaching out to people um it's kind of like you know. 

It's kind of like a an old school way of of doing things even you know just calling someone up and just establishing a relationship with them.

And trying to get something you want it's uh it's actually very low tech but there's a bunch of you know there's a bunch of tools and stuff to try to automate this.


And you know just to try to get it the most out of your time because it's a it's a mind-numbing process right and can take a lot of your time. 

If you if you don't have the proper stuff set up to do it on the on the reverse though it opens up a lot of doors right. 

You know maybe uh you're on like it's less competition to get links on some of the bigger sites bigger lithuanian sites and quite honestly. 

I don't care what language it's in um you know if i don't have a link or it's uh you know kind of an obscure link. 

I'd love to buy it myself yeah you know like uh you know big english sites like oh my god it's like you just can't get away from the from the spam about people.

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