Virtual Tips For Make Money With Google Adsense [ 2022 ]

Virtual Tips For Make Money With Google Adsense [ 2022 ]

Tips And Tricks For Make Money With Google Adsense:

I will share with you the best ad networks to use for google adsense arbitrage in 2022.

Tips AnTips And Tricks For Make Money With Google Adsense:d Tricks For Make Money With Google Adsense:

So if you want to increase your adsense earnings and revenue you have to pay very keen attention to this because i'll walk you through the step-by-step.

Process of using these art networks and leveraging on them to achieve a better uh earnings and growth in your adsense.  

So as you might have known google adsense arbitrage is a business model in which you are you buy traffic from one source and sell to another.

So you buy from one market and sell the same traffic to another market now the market that we are selling to is goggle adsense. 

While we are buying from other markets or other sources and it is those other sources that i'm going to share with you the tricks and tips that you have to use in order to make profits in this.

Google adsense business all right the first platform that i use for uh google adsense arbitrage is known as plot rush so i i like this platform a lot because it helps to increase the PC.

If you do it the right way like the uh mistake most people are making is that they may hear about a particular platform they will jump right into it without knowing that there are specific steps specific processes and strategies.

You have to use for each um platform for instance the techniques that you applied in progress if you apply it to maybe mediafirm or facebook any other network it may not work for you.

So that's why you have to pay a very very keen attention to this now i'll show you let me let me log into my plug rush i can so you see okay type in on the browser. 

You see this interface so right here you can be an advertiser a publisher but for the sake of the google adsense arbitrage we are running i use uh buying of traffic.

Which is advertiser so right here you go to the advertiser section you see two uh drop down options if you go to publishers you see three options okay so we are interested in the advertising aspect remember.

I want to increase our cpc using this platform in fact that that's one of the platforms. 

I use to achieve that so even if you want your cpc to be even 40 dollars or even thirty dollars or twenty or ten or five or two or one or whatever this platform will help you to achieve that faster so pay your attention.

So that you can learn the exact way to do this and get the results don't skip this article because you trying to join the process by not following the steps maybe counter-productive so that's why i'm emphasizing on you learning how to pay key attention to the details.

Google Adsense Guide:The Complete Adsense Structure

All right so moving on now you go over to advertisers you're interested in buying traffic as an advertiser now before that you have to sign up on their platform you have register you have login all right so clicking on login since.

Google Adsense Guide:The Complete Adsense Structure

I already have an account with them uh okay this is the interface the dashboard so you can connect as many websites or blocks as possible you wish to run campaigns for you can connect them by clicking on this link then this is for creating of campaign.

All right so now know that for you to run a successful campaign on pro rush their minimum deposit is 25 so you cannot run a campaign or if you cannot make deposit of less than 25 dollars to your wallet or your balance spare time so make sure that at every point in time.

You want to run any campaign that you have fonts in your wallets it's not like a facebook or these other platforms that you just have to set your daily projects and no even though. 

You set up daily budget about they have minimum like you know facebook doesn't have uh however have that restriction so what this platform is unique now.

When you come here and you want to carry out a campaign to increase your cpc in arbitrage business what do you do as i said your interest is not in selling traffic. 

You are buying now so you click on buy traffic all right so under buyer traffic you can see options here campaign and statistics creatives you have a theater traffic retargeting and other aspects.

Yeah but we're interested in this aspect creation of campaign so right here you type your campaign name then next you choose your audience are you targeting adult traffic or mainstream traffic. 

Your target should be mainstream traffic now what's your delivery method are you targeting devices on desktop or mobile.


Now you know that most will spend more time on their mobile phones so it's good you target them except if you have any other reason for targeting desktop users. 

So what i usually target mobile uh mobile under delivery method and i get a massive results from this okay so uh moving on now you probably have to choose any of these ad types you have in page.

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