How To Become An Entrepreneur In 2022 - Best Guide & Tips

How To Become An Entrepreneur In 2022 - Best Guide & Tips

Best Tips And Tricks To Become An Entrepreneur In 2022:

There are 2 billion people living in africa and the middle east they will be more than 3 billion in 2050. these populations speak more than 30 arabic and 2 000 african languages and dialects all this diversity represents a treasure.

Best Tips And Tricks To Become An Entrepreneur In 2022:

But at the same times it represents the daunting challenge for brands as nancy mandela said so well if you talk to a man in language he understands that goes to his head.

If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart to add to the problem of language barrier we are talking here about population that is rooted in oral tradition the question then arises are brands aware of these issues.

If so that's great if not we have imagined and developed solutions to overcome these barriers we help humans understand each other through artificial intelligence. 

In fact our mission is centered around bridging the gap between brands and their customers digitally and in their african languages and arabic dialects.

Our value proposition is to improve the customer relationship and to push the only channel 24 7 customer experience even further our technology is artificial intelligence based with four main access computational linguistics speech through text.

Text to speech and voice to voice our team is specialized in natural language processing and uses the state of the art of deep learning and reinforcement learning technologies to develop speech transcription solutions automatic word generation chatbots and voice parts the compass was launched in july 2019.

Since then thanks to our r d department have been able to put to market five products such as text to speech speech to text and voice to voice that was launched earlier this year achievements since 2019. 

We focused our main resources on r d in addition to biz dev marketing and admin this allowed us to crack several languages and dialects such as modern standards arabic tunisian egyptian in addition to classical languages english branch etc in addition to languages and dialects.

We were able to build five market market 3d products we went from one customer in 2019 to more than 20 customers in 2021 we have a subscription model based on flat trade pricing.

We have no customer churn and we invested 450k on rnd business took a hit in 2020 due to covet from a financial standpoint but we were able to invest our time and efforts. 

Which led to significant increase in 2021 revenue for rnd team was able to develop models specific to each dialect.

Entrepreneur -Start, Run And Grow Your Business:

Such as tunisian moroccan bambara and hausa what took us two years to develop allowed us to cut the production time to six months now since we have mastered the technology and adapted the models to specific languages.

Entrepreneur -Start, Run And Grow Your Business:

Our next target is the golf market and based on data from the telco industry we know that there are more than 400 million unique mobile subscribers in the mena region 100 million of which are based in the gcc. 

Our goal is to reach 50 million across the countries through the various telco companies that represents our potential clients.

But this also valid for banks insurance and all the customer centric services revenue model is b2b2c and we adjust base it on the client. 

For example for banks we use subscription model for service providers revenue chair and for taco pay or news this has allowed us to diversify our revenue.

Stream and explore ways we could make our startup more profitable without losing uh opportunities our estimated projections are as follows based on selling price of five cent message and 10 of the market share mentioned.

Earlier in the earliest slide obviously we are aware of the competitive landscape and we benchmarked our prices accordingly knowing that icompass is the only one solely focused and dedicated to african languages and arabic dialects.

Which makes icompas appealing for the big companies such as google facebook and others in the iot industry to tackle the gcc market. 

We will need five million dollars that will be used to expand our presence internationally by establishing an hq in the country to be determined in the near future and recruit more engineers grow.

Our business development team to intensify sales and marketing efforts and to continue expanding rnd work and the rest will be dedicated to infrastructure and admin necessities to date. 

We have produced multi-language and multi-directed solutions across tunisia nigeria and evolicos and have worked with international organizations.


Private sector companies and public sector institutions none of these would have been possible without the support of our first investors of course also our partners in other tech companies. 

Such as nvidia and study also with international organizations such as ebrd and gsm we wouldn't be where we are if we weren't for this a team and that is composed of phds in computer science engineers linguistics and many more our wealth of talent is our strength.

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